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04 Jun 10 Ballet Slippers Wedding

Ballet Slippers Wedding

Ballet Slippers Wedding or Bridal Sneakers-affordable, comfortable and stylish

Many brides today are opting for Bridal slippers and sneakers instead of or in addition to traditional pumps or heels to make sure their feet stay comfortable all day.

After your walk through the wedding ceremony, then standing and posing for the pictures of wedding shoes that was so beautiful with Your wedding dress may not be that comfortable, after all, once you start to dance and mingle with your receipt. with a pair of comfortable yet slippers or shoes and elegant wedding dress in hand do what your aching feet may need to get through the evening in comfort.

There are a few online shops wedding and maybe even locally where you can buy premade wedding dance shoes and sneakers wedding. But the option the least costly, especially if you happen to be practical and creative, is to tailor your own.

Bridal sneakers and slippers make gifts for your bridesmaids too, and you can have fun with this idea to meet with them and design of wedding shoes or slippers match their dresses too.

Design and create your own sneakers or slippers wedding is as simple as shoes and meet some craft supplies. And if your wedding dress or color accents, you can add some decorations colored to match.

1. First, buy a pair of plain all ivory or white low top sneakers tennis shoes or ballet style slippers. sneakers.

2. Remove the laces the sneakers and replace them with ivory or white satin ribbon or tulle. You can also use any color that goes with your gown or wedding theme.

3. Attach lace beads or other ornaments on shoes with a hot glue gun.

5. Then, all with a little extra style adding a miniature satin bow at the back of the shoe.

Place an afternoon, the design of these elegant wedding shoes and comfortable with your girls honor you give everyone a chance to relax and unwind while doing something creative and fun. In addition, all your ladies Honorary will be able to have sneakers and slippers wedding to keep them comfortable throughout the home as well. But if you design it yourself or to tailor that you will want to dance around all night comfort.

About the Author

About the Author: Karen Musselman is the owner of Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings, a site with ideas for couples planning their wedding on a low budget.  Karen also designs laminated and personalized wedding bookmarks for wedding-themed favors.

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