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07 Apr 10 Ballet Costumes Tutus

Ballet Costumes Tutus

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Sometimes items of dance or sportswear spill over into popular fashion, often when they are worn by influential musicians or celebrities.  Not everyone feels comfortable wearing clothes such as leotards however, so these trends often don’t last long.  Though dance clothing is often unsuitable for every day wear, it is practical in its place – designed to allow freedom of movement, comfort and support for dancers who need it.  Brands which produce dance wear do so with dancers in mind, aim to create garments which are well fitting, comfortable and look good.  Even simple looking pieces of clothing, like leotards, use the latest technologies in materials and are designed by professionals.

Clothing worn for dance varies between styles of dance, individual dancers and roles in performances.  When thinking about dance clothes, it is easy just to picture tutus, leotards, ballet slippers, but there are many more garment types, many more dance styles than instantly spring to mind.  Even a simple dance outfit will usually have more components than expected, for example special kinds of tights and underwear.  Modern dances often have different requirements than more traditional styles, with specifically designed trousers and shorts being worn both for practice and performances.

As dance is a form of expression, is intended to convey a message or evoke an emotion, the clothing worn is very important.  In some performances, clothing will be as simple and nondescript as possible, allowing the audience to concentrate on the dance itself without distraction.  Other performances are sometimes the complete opposite – dance clothes are as flamboyant and showy as possible, serving to enhance the appearance and mood of the show.  Some are like theatre costumes – they allow the observer to identify characters easily so they can follow a storyline better.  One thing that all dance clothes should have in common in usability.  A beautiful, elaborate dress is no good if it is cumbersome, preventing the wearer from performing necessary moves and getting in the way!  In short, clothing is really important to dance in several ways.

Experienced dancers will know a good quality garment instantly, but newcomers to a dance scene may do well to take advice.  Sticking to known good quality brands is advisable, at least to begin with until spotting good design and fabrics becomes second nature.  Whether individuals dance as a hobby or have a more serious interest, having fun and being safe and comfortable is paramount!  Choosing the right tutus or leotards can make a big difference to how someone feels when dancing.  People of all ages, from all walks of life and cultures can enjoy dancing.  It isn’t something that should be left to the experts, requires no qualifications and is great exercise.  Research suggests that exercise can improve the mood, so dancing regularly may keep individuals happier as well as healthier.  Some people are quite inhibited about dancing in public, and prefer to sit and watch.  This shouldn’t have to be the case as dancing should be fun for almost everyone, if someone is nervous in public places they can still benefit from dancing at home.

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