Ballet Moves For Beginners

05 May 10 Austin Tx Ballet

Austin Tx Ballet
would u rather…?

monday or friday
britney spears or lindsay lohan
black or white
black hair green eyes or blonde hair blue eyes
mtv or vh1
ballet or hiphop
country,rock, or urban
spiderman or transformers
pink or purple
yahoo or google
new york city or la
new orleans or austin (tx)
uniform or none
great personality or looks
musical or movie
27 dresses or mamma mia
ok out of what would u rathers
hannah montana or the jonas brothers…now thats a hard one
tough guy or smart guy…or girl

friday … coz its the end of the week .. mondays like dang busy
omg .. umm britney maybe coz i saw some news she’s recovering
black = coz my eyes are
black hair green eyes – but then thats like a cat
mtv – coz i just like it
hiphop – i dont feel like stretching my veins right now
spiderman – i dont get it with live action robots
purple – pink doesnt suit me , im not gurlish
yahoo – dude , what am i using now ?
la – i wanna go back
new orleans – coz idk
uniform – makes me look smart
great personality – coz some ppl think im dumb i think
movie – im in need of watching a movie
27dresses – it looks cute

oh yeah ..
umm that IS hard , prbbly miley , i dunno why ..
n a smart guy of course

Ballet Austin’s Summer Intensive 2009 – Session 2 Level 5’s

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