Ballet Moves For Beginners

04 Mar 10 Ballet Boxing

Ballet Boxing
Starting ballet again after 4 years?

hi im hoping Somone can give me the best answer to my question :)………. I well done ballet for 4 and a half years and I quit the intermediate point and grade 3 to go to four, and have regretted since … im 17 now and you really want to start doing even think you too old ……. I do Thai boxing as another Hobby would both together be OK to continue? if please help xx vix by the way i quit when I was 13 years

You're never too old to dance! I suggest to retreat slightly to it in at first, perhaps with a beginner or intermediate category, but I bet you'll be where you left in a month or two. As for boxing – why not? (I am a ballet dancer, and I have a bo-black belt in Tae Kwon Do.)

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