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Embryo: Bringing New Life to Music

Embryo is the debut album from nurse-turned-singer/songwriter Bloom. Exploring various genres of pop music, Bloom’s story-based album pays homage to the various artistic influences that have guided him.

Blending the artistic talents of a variety of guest musicians and singers (such as renowned jazz saxophonist, Tommaso Starace) Embryo tells the story of Gloria, a laboratory assistant and her journey.

Set in the not too distant future on the space laboratory Nemesis, hybrid embryos are being processed for research into disease.

Gloria, is transporting a container of embryos and Spartans (donor sperm) from earth to the space lab but she arrives late for the launch so has to quickly take her seat without placing the container in the hold. During the voyage a meteor shower hits the space shuttle which spins out of control causing a great deal of external damage and items to be thrown around inside. The craft is then forced to take a detour and dock at the space laboratory Onuris.

After her horrendous journey Gloria is shaken but not injured and on arrival gladly accepts the hospitality of the Onuris crew to join in their farewell party as some of the team members are returning to earth after a two year secondment. Gloria leaves the container unattended not realising it has been fractured….. and so it continues!

Six years after conceiving the album idea, Embryo was finally recorded in the legendary Tin Pan Alley Studios in London ‘s Denmark Street and released on iTunes in August 2008.

Phil Bloom – a former student of the Royal Academy of Music – has been writing and performing music since he was three years old. His childhood and youth were devoted to his music and his first jobs saw him working with the likes of T-Rex and The Who.

The untimely death of his father led to a dramatic shift in direction, leading to a successful career in nursing and occupational health. Throughout this time Bloom maintained his love for music and continued to write and record music whenever the chance presented itself. This has led to the creation of an extensive catalogue with genres ranging from pop through musicals to classical ballet. This has also afforded him the opportunity to work with other uniquely talented writers such as the late, great Harold Spiro.

Highlights of his life include singing on stage with Viola Wills and meeting the Bee Gees, Marianne Faithful and Princess Diana. Bloom says recording the album ‘Embryo’ has been the most satisfying project to date and was inspired by recording in Tin Pan Alley, and one particular day Paul McCartney was in the studio to his right and the Klaxons were to his left!

Bloom is a Christian, a vegetarian, and against embryonic research and animal experimentation. Bloom now lives in Pinner in North West London where he grew up and attended the same grammar school as Elton John and Simon le Bon.

Embryo is the culmination of a lifetime of musical experience and years of dedication, written with the intention of creating an animated film based upon the story that the music relates.

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