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22 Mar 10 Pointe Ballet Dancing

Pointe Ballet Dancing
please help! ballet, pointe! problem..?

well im 13 and for my dance recital this year im doing a ballet pointe dance! but with the seniors! which are like 18 year olds and some 14-15 year olds and im not very good at pointe at all.. and i don’t want to make a fool out of myself or let my group down, by being the worst one there!
what should i do?

Oh do I ever know what that feels like! I’m 13 too and in Jazz, Modern, and just regular Ballet this year, everybody treats me like I know absolutely nothing and just looks down on me. I’m just totally ignored!

For a start, try strengthening your feet a little bit everyday, instead of leaning on the heel of your feet, shift your weight to the ball of your foot. Or curl your toes into your foot and see how long you can stay that way. Those are 2 great ways of strengthening your feet. Next don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maybe get a private dance tutor. Third try your best, and have fun! Don’t forget to smile! It really helps with pirouettes! 😀 If you mess up, just laugh and say “oops! I messed up!” Your still ok if you know where you messed up, and how to fix it! I’m sure the other girls (or guys) will understand it was just a mistake, they’ve all been through that at one time or another. The only way we humans learn is through mistakes!

Hope I helped to boost your confidence a little! 😀

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