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10 Apr 10 Dance Clothing Ballet

Dance Clothing Ballet

Starting your Dance Education

Today there are a wide range of dance classes available for people of all ages.  Whether you want to learn modern dance, tap, ballet or belly dancing, there’ll be a class out there full of likeminded people who want to learn too.  There are several steps that you will need to consider when choosing which kind of class suits your individual needs.  Firstly, think practically about which kind of dance you wish to learn, the desire to dance is usually a strong passion, and you may be absolutely devoted to one kind of dance.  If this is the case, then you should probably follow your instincts – dancers need to love their art.  If you want to dance as a more fun form of exercise, and to meet new people, think about your tastes in music and the level of activity that will be right for you.

Once you have chosen your kind of dance, it’s time to find a good dance school, class or tutor.  Looking online for information is a good starting point, or looking in a local directory.  Looking at user reviews of potential classes can be extremely revealing about the quality of tutoring provided, and about customer satisfaction.  If you cannot find out much information about a certain class, but are interested in finding out more it is a good idea to ring up and ask for details.  It can be very useful to go and see the environment where lessons take place.  Ask if you can watch a dance class to see if a tutor’s method of teaching is to your liking.  You don’t want to purchase a lesson only to find that you do not enjoy it and that the tutor is not encouraging or does not provide enough individual support.

There is a temptation to start your dance classes as soon as possible once you decide to go ahead, but be patient.  Make sure you have considered all your options, and studied the schools rigorously before finalising your decision.  When you have found the ideal dance class, prepare all the things you will need.  Most schools or classes require a certain dance uniform.  This will vary between styles of dance as well – you may need a tutu for ballet, but are unlikely to need one for tap dancing!  Some schools may be very particular about the style and colour of the dance uniform required.  If this is the case, you may not absolutely love your dance uniform, but at least you know it is practical and suitable for what you will be doing.  As you gain more experience you should be able to vary your dance clothing more.  Your school or class should be able to provide you with information on where to purchase your dance uniform, if you prefer to shop around for better value online, check the style, sizing and brands and find a bargain!

When you start your classes it may be hard at first, but keep at it and your passion and drive will shine through!

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