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What to wear during pregnancy

Women may find it difficult to decide what to wear on a normal day, but when your body changes on a weekly basis, dress and find the right clothes can be a nightmare! As if you do not have enough troubles already?!

Well here is my top style advice for mums-to-be …

Good foundations are essential …

During your pregnancy size Your bra can spend two to four sizes so it is essential that you have the appropriate support to your bust to minimize stretching of the skin and fall post-pregnancy bust. A maternity bra well equipped and good you will feel more comfortable as you grow, reduce stretch marks not to mention the fact that a well-fitting bra (if you're pregnant or not) makes you look slimmer and more efficient anyway.

A good tip when you try bras during pregnancy is to put the bra tight on the first hook so you can leave it out until your cage chest expands.

In joining the high street try your nearest Bravissimo or read my guide to try to ensure the arm you understand how a good bra is snug look and feel.

Overlay …

It is commonly admitted making you look more layers, but clever layering really gives the illusion to a more structured and rational. When you pregnant and feeling hot and angry, and make you look more streamlined, the superposition of light fabrics can avoid overheating!

Look for long cardigans and lightweight shawl little cotton jackets that look cool and chic worn open.

All the light that flows and the curtains on your belly, rather than clings and sticks, you'll feel more comfortable and look stylish and chic.

Keep He bases …

Because you're essentially buying clothes with only a relatively short period in mind, opt for foundations of good quality that you can mix and match easily with other items in your wardrobe.

Ensure maternity wardrobe capsule first work that you will wear more and invest in these commodities. In fact, set up in your mind what you wear with each piece make sure you do not throw money away!

Look for basic colors such as black, white, navy, gray, brown and bare, which can be easily matched a wide range of other colors in your wardrobe to brighten your look and achieve a greater variety of outfits.


Accessorising is really a simple and inexpensive and hassle free implementation of the air on the trend at minimal cost when you are pregnant. Go to statement necklaces, bracelets, scarves, brooches, bags and shoes to add a touch of color to achieve a glance fashion by adding it to your databases.

For example, to work the appearance of color pop s / s 09, the head of the main street where one could get a shiny patent clutch to update your look for less than 20 pounds, or working tribal trend this year, grab a bib, collar Oversized to lay over the white T shirts, teamed with wooden bangles or cuff and gladiator style sandals.

The great thing about accessories is they'll fit any size you are, you can still use after pregnancy when you have a yummy mummy.

Accentuate your strong features …

If your hair is very, then work with different styles and hair accessories to attract the eye the height of your hair. If you have beautiful hands and quick wrists, always make sure your nails. No matter what parts of your body you like best or most comfortable during pregnancy, use your creativity to find ways to attract more attention to these areas (which will be effective, eye-catching away from these bits, you're not so crazy).

Styles to try …

Empire line dresses are perfect for pregnancy, and you do not even need to buy maternity clothes – go for a larger size! The cut of the dress will go much your belly and if you opt for a style Max is an excellent and easy way to keep cool in summer with flat sandals or flip-flops, a pair of shades bag and reporting. If it's a bit chilly, opt for a life style long scarf to drape over your shoulder, or a shrug bright or bolero.

Wide leg pants with elastic waistband, low-rise are really easy to wear with pumps flat sandals. Scrunch up the fabric of the pants before you buy to see if they fold easily and deformation because ideally you want a fabric that hangs well off the body, longer legs folds too easily.

Wear it with a T-Shirt V-neck and a jacket for a mere casual cool "Out and About" look or add a white shirt for the office, teamed with Brogues and a silk scarf at the neck to the office. To make your shirts and blouses more comfortable, invest in a couple of plain, good quality jackets to wear below and half unbuttoned shirt or the path. Zara does fantastic quality vests each base season for less than 10 pounds in a rainbow of colors.

Kaftans are an ideal base for summer, because they can be worn on the beach on vacation, or with trousers, leggings or jeans for a more structured look.

Caftans are made fabrics are light, fresh and well as draped over your bump So not only will you look the part, but you will feel comfortable in the warmer weather.

Kaftan styles will be longer V-neck looks great on pregnant women because they extend the neck (ideal if your face is looking a little more throughout pregnancy) and it will also break the bust to make her look smaller and more compact.

Flat shoes are a big trend s/s09 if style gladiator sandals decorated, ballet slippers, loafers or brogues. This is great news for moms-to-be who want comfortable and practical footwear during their pregnancy.

Brogues and loafers are smarter options for the desktop on long pants and cultivated, have been ballet pumps look cute with jeans for an easy weekend look. Embellished sandals are easy to work with summer dresses summer keep you cool yet looking chic and elegant.

© Nicola Cupples, 2009

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Nicola Cupples is an Image Consultant & Stylist based in the North West of the UK.

Nicola has a BA(Hons) in English Literature from the University of Manchester and a professional CIM qualification in Marketing.

Nicola has qualified with the Alicia Kite Academy as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and now provides fashion advice to private clients in Merseyside, Manchester and Cheshire.

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