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03 Jun 10 Ballet Fashion Shoes

Ballet Fashion Shoes

Women Love Their Shoes

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Women love their shoes, but unfortunately shoes don’t always love women’s feet. Fashion shoes ranging from heels to sandals can cause more than just a night of discomfort, they can cause such sever foot problems as hammer toes, Plantar Fasciitis, and ingrown toenails. Even with this knowledge many women still choose to wear these styles. So what are women supposed to do, give up these fabulous shoes? Not likely. Luckily, with a few helpful hints women will still be able to wear fashionable shoes and drastically decrease the likelihood for these negative impacts to appear.

Flip-flops: Flip-flops are so easy to wear, especially in the summer when the last thing you want is one more piece of clothing holding in body heat. They can quickly be put on and come in almost an infinite amount of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, this style of shoes can cause irritation between the great and second toe, cause build up of dead skin around the heels, create calluses, and make it easier to twist the foot. These problems occur because of how the material rubs between the toes and also on the heel. These shoes lack proper shock absorption and support that can lead to an injured foot. Simple solutions to these problems are, spend a few extra dollars and buy sandals that are made out of natural material such as soft leather and make sure they have arch support. It’s also important to make sure the sandal fits correctly and your heel doesn’t hang off the edge. These simple steps can ensure a more enjoyable summer with out foot pain.

Fashion Sneakers (Velcro, No Laces, Laces): Though some styles of fashion sneakers used to be used as sports shoes and where thought as supportive, that is not the case anymore. Fashion sneakers usually lack arch support and the rigidity that feet need to be properly supported, leading to heel and arch pain. Since it is more stylish to wear these shoes without socks, sweat builds up in the shoes making them take longer to completely dry out. Similarly feet are moist for a much longer time in these shoes, making feet more susceptible to Athlete’s Foot as well as foot odor. Making sure your fashion sneakers have laces is an important first step to creating the support your feet need. Next, choose a fashion sneaker which has a sole that is not easily twistable. This will create a safe, sturdy environment for your feet. Inserting an arch support and not using these shoes for exercise is imperative to protecting your feet. Lastly, wearing moisture wicking socks will help prevent Athlete’s Foot and reduce the odor that can be created in these shoes.

Ballet Flats and Slides: Known for their flair without the hassle of a heel, ballet flats and slides are a new craze. These sassy little shoes seem like a fashionable alternative to heels, and they are, but even these shoes need a little help. Because these shoes have thin soles and very little arch support or cushioning they can cause Plantar Fasciitis or pull Achilles tendons. Though these shoes can be more ‘comfortable’ than other fashion shoes, they should not worn for long periods of time. Cushioned inserts will help dull the impact the ground has on your feet when you wear this style of shoe. Do your best to find a flat that’s sole has some substance and does not twist easily.

Sling-backs: Heel straps can make high heel shoes quite a bit easier to walk in but they still don’t quite hold the foot in place like they should. Sling-backs can cause blisters, toe pain, and ankles or feet to twist. The tight heel strap can chafe the Achilles tendon causing irritation while the rest of the foot slides forward into the box of the shoe or the toe straps, cramping the front of the foot. Heels still tend to slide from side to side despite the false sense of security a heel strap provides. These shoes are not a good choice if you are going to be walking or standing for an extended period of time. To help with balance and put less strain on the front of the foot, choose a shoe that is low-heeled with a round wide or square toe box.

Pointy or Narrow Round Toed Pumps: Stylish and more stable to walk in, pumps are a staple in many women’s wardrobe. This style of heel comes in many toe shapes, heights, colors, and textures. Though these shoes are often a better choice for your feet than other heels, certain toe shapes can be very harmful. A narrow cut or a pointy toed shoe squeezes the toes into an unnatural overlapping position. This puts pressure on toenails and causes them to be pushed into the skin of the toe creating an ingrown toenail. This pressure can also create hammer toes. A hammer toe is when a bony prominence develops on the toe. This usually takes foot surgery to be corrected. The obvious solution to these problems is to purchase a pump with a deep toe box with plenty of room for your toes to spread out and with the correct support on the sides of your feet to hold your feet in place. If an ingrown toenail does form trim it straight across and gently file the affected edge with a nail file. If the toe becomes painful see a podiatrist immediately.

Ladies, don’t think the only way to healthy feet is by getting rid of all your sassy fashion shoes. Just be smart about the shoes you wear and take the proper steps to ensure your feet are being taken care of. Remember, cushioned arch supports are your friend, use them. Always make sure your shoes fit correctly. Shoes with firm soles will be able to support your foot better than ones with flexible soles. Most importantly, see your Podiatrist for a check ups especially if you wear heels often or have any kind of foot pain. The sooner you get checked out the healthier your feet can be. Don’t trade health for fashion, have both!

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